Rift Progressive banner ad

Designed and animated the who ads sequence.

In house - Trion games

Rift animated banner ad

Design and animated for the game launch. Took the characters parts apart and animated each part to show motion.

In house - Trion games

Trion Games - Rift MMO

I was brought as the sole designer to help launch the marketing campaign on a multi-million dollar media buy of the highly anticipated MMORPG RIFT. I produced numerous standard banners, rich-media banners, skins, emails and landing pages. These are just a sample of the work produced.

Email design

Email invitation to get people to visit the Trion booth at E3. The challenge is to get all 3 brands in one. I created the layout, used the angled dividers to give it more interest, darkened the background to make the content and information pop off the page. The Syfy character was to be revealed at the event, so I came up with the idea of showing a silhouette to create some mystique.