Jonathan Co

Art Direction - Design

San Francisco, California. Bay Area


I'm a designer who likes to come up with unique ideas and create memorable user experiences. I'm all about the digital space. For me, it allows designs to be so much more. It can be interactive, immersive, it can be an experience.

I've been in the digital space since the beginning of my career, whether it's websites, mobile, ads or landing pages. My goal is making sure designs are memorable. Coming up with great execution in layout, design and user experience.

I'm also someone who can work with developers to build complex and advance tech, like HTML5 animation, dynamic ads, 3D, or after effects projects. I understand digital, I can design and spec with open possibilities, understand limitations and within scope.

What I'm all About

I enjoy creating experiences that are fun and immersive. As well as clean and simple designs.

I also like problem solving, even complicated products such as Logitech Gaming's Lighting Integration. Coming up with a creative solution to easily communicate the features. Blok is another project that we were able to push for motion to communicate a "crush" feature.

Startup Framework 2.2 - Project